Tres Leches: Illumination

If you were to embellish Tres Leches' music and presence with a bunch of epithets, you wouldn't have to bother too hard, as the band's influences from sixties and seventies punk and post punk sound quite obvious, yet the Seattle-based trio will always prefer the term "dark basement" to describe their own craft.

In such wise, trying to find the right definitions to portray what Tres Leches is all about might seem a bit futile, but here is an array of words anyway that one could use in their descriptive sentences: post, punk, arty, psych, garage, new-wave, seventies, eighties...

On the band's debut self-titled EP, I can hear more Wire, Gang Of Four, The Fall and Pere Ubu than Elastica and The Runaways, which they have been previously compared too, but I guess that only proves that Tres Leches' multifaceted creativity is capable of conveying different thoughts to different people.

Another thing about Tres Leches is for certain too: you have to turn it up and listen. Do it below...

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