The Gift: Clinic Hope

Portugal's alternative pop/rock quartet, The Gift, formed in 1994 and up to 2011 put out a handful of noteworthy releases of which some earned more appreciation than others, even awards, gold records, European and US tours and opening spots for class acts such as The Flaming Lips.

Somehow the band, despite their large following and many achievements, stayed off the radar and remained underappreciated by the massive pop music audiences, although their style of intelligent, vibrant pop could have been a breath of fresh air for the mainstream in any of those many years that they've been active.

2017 marks The Gift's comeback in grandeur and bright colours, with the band scheduled to play SXSW for their first US appearance in over five years and with their new album about to drop in April. The album will include the everlasting talents of Brian Eno, who co-composed many tracks alongside the band's own Nuno Gonçalves, and those of legendary producer Flood who did the mixing.

On the sparkling first single, Clinic Hope, Eno, who co-wrote the lyics with singer Sonia Tavares, shares vocal duties and instruments with the band. The accompanying music video is directed by Carleton Ranney, starring Logan Cunningham and featuring Jacqueline Palicio and Jessie Ray Turnage.

Watch and listen through the players below...

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