SPC ECO: Under My Skin

SPC ECO (pronounced "Space Echo"), the dreampop duo comprised of father and daughter, Dean Garcia and Rose Berlin, are about to release their new EP, Under My Skin on February 10th via ELaB Records.

The first track the world got to hear off the new EP was the title track, which just had a chance to reach a much bigger than usual for the band audience through the MTV series, Teen Wolf, one of the latest episodes of which featured the song a couple of weeks ago.

About the track Rose states: "It was fantastic to wake up and hear what had happened with the Teen Wolf sync. Under My Skin is very close to both mine and dad’s hearts so it couldn't have been a better track for something like this to happen to."

Under My Skin finds SPC ECO at their most personal and vulnerable, confirmed by Dean Garcia's description of the song's origin: "There was a truly emotional earthquake between Rose and myself due to a personal ongoing issue, which left us both scarred and in tears. One hour later to mend us both, I asked her if she would like to sing on the sad piano song again and she sang what you hear on the track. Driven to tears once again but for the polar opposite reasons this song is the epitome of the unquestionable love and bond that only occurs between family."

All six tracks on the EP were also part of Dark Matter, one of the duo's two albums that they released the previous year.

Watch the simple yet befitting music video for Under My Skin and stream the EP in its entirety right below...

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