Scream: Politics Is Entertainment

Legendary DC hardcore punk band, Scream, will be releasing a new version of their long out of print 1988 LP, No More Cencorship, through Southern Lord. The album was originally released on the reggae label, RAS Records, and it was the first to feature the then unknown Dave Grohl on the drums.

No More Cencorship was remixed from the original multi-track tapes at Grohls’ own 606 Studio and will be out with a totally new packaging including a booklet full of photos, lyrics, poetry and personal writings from the band members.

The previously unreleased track, Politics Is Entertainment, coincides with the band's protesting the inauguration of the new President and it comes as a brand new music video put together by guitarist Franz Stahl. The unreleased song will not appear on the new edition of No More Cencorship, but you can watch right below.

Pre-orders as soon as we get them.

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