Papillion Rising: Things Are Looking Up

They come from 2046 and their mission is to prevent a dark a dull future as part of a resistance group that is made up of artists, scientists and other outlaws, opposing the Executive Force for Cultural Order, the story's villain who are in control of the future. As they travel back in time in their butterfly shaped ship, Papillion Rising become very fond of the 1980s culture and music, so when it's time for them to arrive to our present day, the best way for them to cover their identity is to disguise themselves as a pop band.

It's quite a narrative, but even if you knew nothing about it, it wouldn't be hard to enjoy and freak out on the soulfulness of Papillion Rising, the duo that leans more of the pop side of the retrowave scene, proving how it's constantly evolving and developing faster than we could ever imagine.

The incredibly fun music video for Things Are Looking Up, depicts a series of immeasurable craziness taking place in the streets of Düsseldorf, Germany, all involving the two band members who unintentionally cause chaos wherever they go through.

Watch below.

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