Morricone Youth: Mad Max

It's not easy to overlook a new offering by Morricone Youth, not only on account of their eye-catching band name, but also because their ability to re-imagine and reinterpret modern classic film music has been repeatedly proven nothing short of astute.

After their unique version of Night Of The Living Dead which we presented last October, Morricone Youth released an LP of their version of The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, which they are now following, having captured it on record too, their live re-score of Mad Max, the 1979 George Miller classic, which they've given the heavy analog keyboard treatment, fitting the movie's dystopian aura like a glove.

With three incredible records under their belt in such quick succession, inspired by three very diverse movies, Morricone Youth right now appear fearless, capable of anything and have us wondering about and in anticipation of their next musical endeavor.

Listen below...

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