JW Ridley: Everything (Deathless)

Jack Ridley is an upcoming - and by the looks and sounds of his debut single - much promising new artist on the roster of the Speedy Wunderground label.

Recording as JW Ridley, the artist puts forward an excellent first sample of his guitar driven power pop in the form of a debut two-part single, Everything (Deathless), produced by Dan Carey (Bat For Lashes, Hot Chip, Kate Tempest and much more).

"Dan has this amazing way of catching a song when it is in that in-between place where everyone knows the parts just enough to do the take and there is always a feeling that the song could get away from you and you're only just keeping it together. That is a really exciting space, I guess that's why we just kept playing. In theory the idea of handing over a track and not hearing it until its pressed on vinyl is my complete worst nightmare, but that lack of control was surprisingly liberating," Jack explains in regards to the production process.

A little bit sulky, at the same time brisk and exciting, JW Ridley's debut release sounds like it could have been placed anywhere in a time frame between the mid-eighties and today. Luckily this fine single belongs to 2017, when pop music is more than ever in need of worth and class such as that of Everything (Deathless).

Listen below...

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