Grand Lord High Master: Flexxx

Bringing this wonderful and quite energetic amalgam of thrash punk and southern sludge, extreme metal SoCal up-and-comers, Grand Lord High Master will drop their self-titled debut in late spring 2017 on Kill All Music.

Grand Lord High Master's style of heavy as lead rock-and-roll sounds raw and caustic as much as it sounds technical, although with such spirit and vigor instantaneously discharged, you'll never know what to expect. After playing at such diverse events as Knotfest and Echo Park Rising, GLHM look like they 're most comfortable keeping the element of surprise handy at all times.

Flexxx is the first single off GLHM's upcoming debut, a two-and-a-half minute Slayer/Converge-style aggressor, made out of killer riffs, hellish drumming and some suitably abrasive sludge vocals of the nightmarish kind.

Turn it up and listen below...

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