Ewah & The Vision Of Paradise: Everything Fades To Blue

Australian four-piece Ewah & The Vision Of Paradise owe their name to that summer dream which came to their bandleader, Ewah, which had her awakened and unthinkingly uttering her next project's name. For that project Ewah used the material she had previously written and recorded in the form of wordless electronic demos which with the help of her newly formed band had them transformed into works of totally different aesthetic and attitude. Those eventually became Ewah & The Vision Of Paradise's upcoming debut full length album, Everything Fades To Blue.

The album is comprised of eight shadowy and dreamlike tracks that awaken images and impressions of the band's Australian background and recall memories of some of the finest of their fellow ozzies, like first and foremost The Triffids and also acts like Dirty Three or The Go-Betweens as well as shreds and pieces off the American paisley underground scene and desert rock.

Most of the album's murkiness hangs upon stories of violent crimes against women that have been taken from newspaper headlines, retrospection and also Ewah's own vision. Incorporating the music's thin fragility to the wicked grit of their themes and delicate new-wave-meets-tough-desert-rock sound, the album balances between darkness and light throughout its entirety, with the track that carry's the band's name as its title, dropping midway through and at the almost eight minutes of its duration standing as the album's centerpiece.

Vision Of Paradise though is not one of the two singles Everything Fades To Blue has already spawned and it won't be the scheduled for a Spring release third one either, but in any case Ewah & TVOP will not have a hard time picking singles out of those eight track. Walk The Night and All Summer Long are the LP's two singles so far, coinciding with corresponding music videos, created in collaboration with Tasmanian artist, Raef Sawford, drawing film footage from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

It plays like a cinematic backdrop of a grainy Australian landscape, bathed in summer light, depicting nightmares and evoking darkness. It comes along with reverberating shivers and like the album title suggests, it fades to blue.

Listen and watch below...

The album is available on 12-inch vinyl and digital download through the band's Bandcamp.


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