D//E Exclusive Premiere: Last Builders Of Empire: The Ruler Was The Ocean

Last Builders of Empire is an instrumental rock band from Massachusetts, about to unveil to the world their third release, the EP Hades, comprised of five tracks caught live to analog tape with the intent to capture the band's vivid energy as they play together.

Hades' concept comes from the mythological ancient Greek underworld and the deities Erebus, Kharon, and Tartarus, exploring the existential features of man's crossing through life. For the second work in a row the band pokes on the theme of purgatory and delve into the mystery of where the soul goes after the body dies.

In advance to the EP's release on January 27th D//E premiers the fantastic The Ruler Was The Ocean, which in its just two-and-a-half minutes manages to capture and convey some very rich textures and plenty of enticement.

Listen below...

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