David Rosen: Back Into The Dark

As the son of famous record dealer Rich Rosen of Wax Trax Records, David Rosen grew up within music and turned up to be an efficient and skilled musician himself who so far has worked on many different projects from film scores to jingles and commercials.

His latest album, Head Like Fire which came out in 2016, is for the artist the medium on which he explores his diverse influences through original songwriting and a means to collaboration with acclaimed filmmakers on music videos, like the stop-motion animation clip he did with visual artist Bea Landers for the album's closer, Back Into The Dark. The track follows David tradition of epic album closers.

He states about it: "I've always loved when an album has an epic finale, and I feel like by combining the menacing rhythm of this pitch-black track with big The Cure-style guitars, it would create something dark, beautiful and memorable. Stop-Motion animation is something I've always wanted to work on, so being able to collaborate with visual artist Bea Landers on a video like this was a dream come true. It's especially awesome because of the dark visuals she brought to the project, which fits perfectly with the kind of art I like to create."

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