World's End Girlfriend: LAST WALTZ

Although he had a lot going on in the form of EP releases, collaborations and soundtracks, Katsuhiko Maeda, better known as World's End Girlfriend, hadn't released a proper album since 2010's Seven Idiots.

LAST WALTZ has just been released on WEG's own Virgin Babylon Records and as expected the result is beautiful and solemn, bleak and hopeful at the same time. From the Chinese artist, Jiang Zhi's eye-catching cover art to the last drop of those wealthy seventy minutes of programming, melody and noise, WEG balances between darkness and light like the most skilled acrobat and themed around his own moniker's name which he's been carrying along for eighteen years now, he reflects upon the world after 3.11 and the terrorism era we're living in, dressing his work with much personal philosophy and establishing this as the most intimate WEG album so far.

WEG has two videos off the new album already out, both profoundly cinematic and perfect matches to the artist's unique blend of post rock, classical and electronic music.


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