Steve Moore: The Mind's Eye

New York's Steve Moore has worked with a series of important acts in heavy music in the past, including Red Sparowes and Lair Of The Minotaur, but his work with synthwave pioneers, Zombi, is undoubtedly the most prominent of his ten year plus career. As part of the duo with drummer Anthony Pattera, Moore and Zombi gave shape to the synthwave genre and paved the way for it to become the craze it is today.

Moore has also composed scores for low budget b-movies under the alias Gianni Rossi as well as his real name, films like the Belgian horror flick from 2015, Cub, the documentary Horror Business and now The Mind's Eye, an action/horror flick by Joe Begos.

Lasting almost as long as the movie itself, the score for The Mind's Eye is an exemplary work by Moore and a demonstration of his skills in the film scoring field. The album is comprised of 33 tracks of imaginative themes in vignette form, rich in darkness and suspenseful textures.

Listen below...

The Mind's Eye is out now on Relapse Records.


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