Oddnesse: Somewhere Somehow

Oddnesse is a new Los Angeles-based band, led by singer/bassist Rebeca alongside producer/bandmate Grey Goon and guitarist Casey Duke.

The name Oddnesse rhymes with "godbless", "lochness" and so on, and according to Rebeca "it popped into mind as a riff on finesse. It evokes awkward elegance and the image of a mythical creature, like a swamp goddess."

Oddnesse's debut song, Somewhere Somehow, has just premiered on Beats 1 and again, as the singer puts it, "it's about self-acceptance and accepting reality, while struggling to compromise on your ideals, desires and dreams." The song in its less than three minutes it overflows of dreampop merit and shoegaze-y reverb goodness, wrapped in some excellent and quite sleek production.

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