Nein Lives: Slow Down

Brighton, UK three-piece alternative rockers, Nein Lives, comprised of Paul Dawson (vocals and guitar), Timmy Gibbons (drums) and Lyle Ferris (bass), came to be after the first two kicked off the new project, following their tenure in another band, The Bardo. When Lyle, previously with a local band, Profane, joined in a little later, Nein Lives put together their debut three-song EP and went on to do live shows to support it.

The heavy weighted two-and-a-half minute raw energy of Slow Down is a first rate example of Nein Lives' booming punk spirit, a finely produced track that showcases the band's abilities to generate energy and spiritedness off the back of their raucous vocals, explosive guitars and mesmerizing bass lines and drum beats.

Listen up below...

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