Mothlight: Monarch

LA's dreampop trio, Mothlight, started out as the solo bedroom project of Matt Billings who between 2008 and 2012 released three EPs under that whimsical moniker. After that he was joined by his keyboardist friend, Grant Stevens, and Mothlight as a duo put out their first LP, Calico, in 2014. Today's formation of Mothlight consists of the aforementioned two, plus drummer Andrew Smith, and as a trio the band has just shared with us a brand new single.

Monarch features the guest vocals by Emerson Star's Shannon Inouye and it is an ethereal dreampop track with heightened psychedelic qualities that rushes through the speakers in the most impulsive manner, like a gentle, yet untamed twister. Mothlight do not reinvent anything with their style nor sound, but their uncommon kind of excellence as an underground band is apparent through the hazy brightness in their recordings.

Listen below...

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