Monarch Mtn: Everyone Is Here

Drawing influences from the darker aspects of modern Americana, traditional folk and psychedelia, Jacksonville, FL's Monarch Mtn has released a series of albums through his Bandcamp page, the latest of which, Everyone Is Here, stands tall as possibly his most impressive work so far.

According to Logan Farmer himself, the real person behind the Monarch Mtn moniker, the album is basically a home recording, created with a borrowed telecaster in the comfort of his own living room, so the sweet rustic warmth one would expect from it, is present throughout its entirety, however, as a production Everyone Is Here sounds as clear and sharp as it would if it had been done in a proper studio.

Darkness is the subject matter that rules the whole album, at times expressed though the artist's bittersweet poetry and elegant nostalgia, and often digging deeper into more experimental territories, where the air is heavier and the mood is darker and gloomier; where the folk sentiment is still alive, but it gets harder for it to breathe.

Where the lo-fi DIY aesthetics meet the elegiac means and lyricism of the illimitable genre that is gothic Americana, Monarch Mtn's presence floats like an apparition which is discreetly exhibiting its impeccable artistry, still underappreciated and lurking to haunt whomever discovers it next.

Everyone Is Here is available for name-your-price or free download through the artist's Bandcamp. Listen below...

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