Litsos: Revelation

Litsos is a Swedish post-punk band from Gothenburg which recorded its debut album in 2014 but had to put it on hold until recently, mainly due to lineup changes. The album, Revelation, was produced by Gy├Ârgy Barocsai at Svenska Grammofonstudion and on its nine tracks it carries the eighties' post-punk and new wave misty spirit, side by side with the indie rock angst and the inventiveness of the nineties.

According to the band, "Revelation is a concept album largely revolving around the feeling of crisis, both personal and universal", and it reflects upon the social, political and economical crisis the world has gone through, particularly from the album's inception since its release.

Revelation is made of first-rate ingredients including sharp guitars, memorable bass lines, those impressive glossy synths and dark female vocals in a heavy English accent which somehow works in advance to the songs' musicality instead of diverting the listeners attention from it, often coexisting with equally imposing male vocals in alluring harmony. While Litsos is a contemporary underground band firmly rooted in today's modern indie rock where they belong, the nature of their art looks in the past without ending up sounding outdated. It's only natural that this glorious merging that happened when punk met new wave, and which peaked back in the eighties, is keeping on giving today, several years laters and Litsos is one fine example of that, the stubborn endurance of a genre that refuses to fade out after all this time.

Revelation was released on 26th November by Gothenburg based label We're On Holiday.

One of the album's highlights, Television, streams right below...

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