Lasso Spells: Stuck In A Shape

Lasso Spells is a Nashville-based psych country band created by couple Brett Dudash and Danielle Shoda in 2014 in Austin, TX, and completed a year later with the addition of brothers Matthew and Ben Stager.

The quartet recorded its debut album, Stuck In A Shape, in 2015 at the Stagers' own Electric Kite Studio in country city, Nashville, a record that was just released through the Brooklyn-based label, Cold Fantasy.

Drawing influence mainly from the sixties' country and psychedelia, Lasso Spells channel into their first full length the psychedelic retro sound of The 13th Floor Elevators and The Seeds with the more straightforward lonesome country rock of acts like Gram Parsons and Gene Clark, all that with some more shadowy overtones and darker twists.

The band is currently supporting the album with live gigs while planning to start recording on a new one early next year.

Listen below...


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