Esben And The Witch: Older Terrors

The first album by Esben And The Witch for Season Of Mist is comprised of just four tracks, but it's still a full length that lasts for 46 minutes, so you may have guessed by now that the band goes over the ten-minute mark on each one of those tracks.

Brighton's three-piece is already on its fourth studio LP and it's safe to say that what they have offered the world so far is one great album after the other, with this new one, Older Terrors, instantly becoming our favourite of the bunch, since it sounds and feels like their darkest and heaviest album so far.

Between post rock, which is still the main ingredient, ambient, progressive rock, punk and post punk as well as a plentiful of goth and industrial components, Older Terrors is an entire category on its own. Rachel Davies' vocals dwell among the rich instrumentation of Daniel Copeman’s drumming and Thomas Fisher's guitar work, all of whom deliver their finest efforts in the band's eight-year long existence.

After this it's only natural to cannot wait to see what is going to be next for Esben And The Witch.

Don't skip a second. Listen below...

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