Verse Metrics: My Name Is Dr Hildegarde Lanstrom and I Am Quite, Quite Mad

Verse Metrics are a four piece band from Glasgow, Scotland, and they are about to release their new EP, We'll Be Listening and Remembering Until We're Old and Unsteady, on Lonely Voyage Records in the next few weeks.

The band draws their influences mainly from post rock, math and indie rock, creating their own brand of hazy, melancholic alternative music, which in the case of We'll Be Listening..., from the album and song titles to the monochromatic cover it, down to the weight of the music itself, it oozes with dark magnetism and strange charm.

The EP's closing track does not impress just for its long, imaginative title, but also for encompassing much of the band's post-rocking charisma and now its accompanying music video, shot and edited by Stuart Breadner.

Watch, listen and follow the links to pre-order the physical version via Bandcamp below...

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