The Howling Lords: Bad For Me

The most impressive fresh blues rock fix you could get today, is brought to you courtesy of British duo, The Howling Lords, who were formed in 2015 at the Western Isles and whose debut single off their upcoming 2017 album, has dropped today and it rocks like a kick in the gut.

Naturally this typical pattern of the two-piece band that has its roots in the traditional blues and fuzzes up its sound to achieve a more contemporary texture and appeal to wider audiences, can't help but bring to mind the likes of The White Stripes, The Black Keys or Royal Blood, and that's about right, that is exactly what The Howling Lords sound like, only if you pay enough attention while listening to this exemplary debut single, the second those gigantic riffs kick in, the hair on your neck will probably stand up and you'll realize that no matter how usual the band's description might seem, there's definitely plenty of originality in The Howling Lords.

We usually hold our horses and do not get too excited about new acts that haven't even released a record, at least in that competitive genre, but our hunch about The Howling Lords says that we should expect greatness.

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