Cuesta Loeb: Charlotte Hill

Christina Cuesta Loeb is a New York-based artist who grew up in a family of musicians, born to acclaimed jazz guitarist, Chuck Loeb, and Spanish singer-songwriter and actress, Carmen Cuesta,

After getting some essential experience by being part of orchestras in which she put her classical training and her skills in woodwind instruments to good use, she moved to L.A. and began experimenting with her own abilities in composition and production, a search that resulted in her finding the voice she was looking for in an composite of ethereal dreampop sounds and electric shoegazing guitars.

Just recently Cuesta Loeb released her debut EP, Dive, off which comes Charlotte Hill, a dreamy, sentimental track about self-exploration and the struggle that one goes through, given from the point of view of someone in search of the right way to give their identity an honest and meaningful voice. Neatly produced, the track is a typical representation of Cuesta Loeb's artistry and attitude, and by all means it seems to carry all the essential features needed to fascinate even the most demanding fans of the genre.

Regarding Charlotte Hill, Cuesta Loeb states:

"It feels like everything has been said a million times before. It's hard to find a way to express an emotion without using some else's words, which inherently diminishes the sentiment. This song is about finding my voice in a sea of echoes."

Listen below...


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