Atticus Ross / Leopold Ross / The Haxan Cloak: Almost Holy // Original Soundtrack

Almost Holy is a documentary film directed by Steve Hoover about a controversial pastor in Ukraine who's taken it upon himself to help homeless children and drug-addicts off the streets, sometimes even by force.

Apart from the very interesting and painfully real subject of the film, there's also much significance in its soundtrack which is a three-way collaboration between Academy Award winning composer, Atticus Ross, his brother Leopold Ross, and Bobby Krlic, better known to the world o electronic music as The Haxan Cloak.

While brothers Ross are right in their comfort zone, providing chilling instrumentals of the same kind they prominently stood out for, Krlic, based on his drone/noise experience as The Haxan Cloak, contributes his shadowy material taking turns with the Rosses to altogether give shape to powerful score, that may not be strikingly groundbreaking, it is executed strongly though and it fits its purpose without any flaws.


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