Xander Harris: Halloween Synth Mix 2016 / The Girl With The Diamond Tattoo

The best hour-and-a-half mix of the darkest side of contemporary synthwave comes courstesy of Xander Harris, who has just put together seventeen tracks of his favorite artists of the genre, as well as a new track of his, just in time for everyone's synth-heavy Halloween needs.


Gatekeeper - Chains
Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer
Unit Black Flight - Shadow Scope
Xander Harris - Phantom Ring Syndrome
Pentagram Home Video - Who’s Out There (1986)
Ubre Blanca - The Sadist
Pye Corner Audio - Stars Shine Like Eyes
Victims - Clenova
The Slasher Film Festival Strategy - Master Prisoner
Repeated Viewing - The Original Sin
Creeper - Fever Dream
Antoni Maiovvi - Black Jesus
Vercetti Technicolor - Operation Munich (Extended Version)
Night Satan - Four Eyed Cyclops
Slasher Dave - Graves
Umberto - Lost Night

While you're at it, there's yet another fresh Xander Harris track, The Girl With The Diamond Tattoo.

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