Other Body: Imperial Cloud

Miami three-piece noise rock group, Other Body, are about to follow their 2015 debut with an EP, Total Bust, which is scheduled to be released on November 4th via Quiet Mind Recordings.

Total Bust comes in the aftermath of a breaking year that 2016 has been for the band, particularly for guitarist/vocalist, Andrew McLees, who recently lost his father after a long battle his Parkinson's Disease, resulting to the new EP's mood being often more on the dispirited aspect of their sound, still maintaining the cathartic qualities of their noise-y punk rock energy.

Imperial Cloud, the EP's pounding, dynamic opener and first single off the EP brings back memories of The Fall, The Wire and Sonic Youth, combining its aggressive post-punk filthiness with some enticing psychedelic magnetism and making it clear how this band evidently deserves more recognition.

Listen right below...

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