Okkultokrati: Raspberry Dawn

Balancing among different and quite diverse aspects of underground music by blending genres like darkwave, heavy metal, black metal, punk, hardcore and hard rock, Norway's Okkultokrati are one of the most bizarre, toughest to categorize, yet inescapably enticing acts in heavy music today.

Okkultokrati's new album, Raspberry Dawn was just released on Southern Lord Records and despite its many, all-over-the-place influences, it sounds original, groundbreaking and has already earned a place among the year's highlights. Whether it is just one of those influences that lures you more into Okkultokrati's world or the entire weirdness as a whole, Raspberry Dawn will not let you down, as it constantly overflows grit and energy, sounding different than any of their previous work and appearing like a huge step forward for the band.

Norwegian photography collective, Born For Burning, is responsible for the official video that represents the title track which follows below.


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