Confrontational: Kingdom Of Night

Italian producer, Confrontational, has just released the follow up to his debut from last year, A Dance Of Shadows. The new album is titled Kingdom Of Night and like its predecessor it includes some impressive collaborations and part of the most exciting synthwave music of the year.

Cody Carpenter (son and collaborator of John Carpenter) returns to join forces with Confrontational for the second album in a row. Dance With The Dead's Tony Kim, Hante's Hélène De Thoury and composer Ugo Laurenti (of Voci Notturne fame) comprise the rest of the guest appearances, but the overall excitement about Kingdom Of Night doesn't end in namedropping.

Thinking of this massive wave of synthwave releases that came out in 2016 from all over the world, in all shapes and sizes, and still Confrontational's merciless beats, combined with some unbelievably catchy choruses and memorable hooks are hard to beat. The album's illustrious cinematic qualities are spread all over its nine tracks (not just the instrumentals), its lyrics are well-written and heartily delivered and its eye-catching artwork, courtesy of Spain's Branca Studio who specialize in doom metal and occult designs, seals the perfectly produced package.

Eighties throwback or not, Confrontational's sophomore album does not sound like it's being part of a trend that will most likely fade away in a little while. Its darkness feels heartfelt and its ripping synths, even though they scream "eighties", sound genuine and flow naturally through the forty-two minutes of haunting dimness and icy chills.

"Horror" and "Italian" are two terms that match each other more than often. Massimo Usai's (the real life person behind Confrontational) case is no exception to that.

Confrontational's debut, A Dance Of Shadows, is being released in a limited edition of 500 copies in translucent green vinyl via Bronson Produzioni. Pre-order it here.

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