Wendy Bevan: Sweet Dedication // Video

Wendy Bevan, the British musician and multimedia artist, formerly of Temper Temper, has just released her solo debut album, Rose And Thorn, on Kwaidan and !K7 Records.

The brand new video for Sweet Dedication, the first single from Rose And Thorn, borrows heavily straight out of the eighties' gothic/new wave scene, neatly accompanying the track, which sounds like the bonding between post-punk's stiff iciness and darkwave's romanticism, starring some vintage drum machines and sharp guitars.

As a visual artist among her many other qualities, Wendy Bevan's cinematic nature pays off, regarding both the video's imagery as well as her music's overall theatrical qualities. As a new gothic icon in the making, Bevan through her debut has just brought back the term "cold wave", which hadn't been around, at least not widely, and that's a sufficient - but not the only - reason to keep an eye out about what she'll be coming up with next.

Watch and listen below.

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