The Bordellos: Gary Glitter EP // Free Download

If you expect Gary Glitter himself to show up in this one, you'll be greatly disappointed, still you might want to give this 4-track, 11-minute long EP by British trio, The Bordellos, a good listen.

Guitarist/bassist/vocalist Brian states about the new EP: "(It is) influenced by the saddecline of the magic that once could be found in mainstream music, now it seems to have all but vanished. Music once could excite you, entice you, scare you, make you feel uneasy or elated just by turning on the radio. No matter what time of the day this is our attempt at putting something slightly subversive back on the radio."

Expect lo-fi vibes and a punk attitude with an indie-pop coating through the four tracks that pass along thoughts of The Velvet Underground, The Fall and the New York No Wave scene of the late seventies.

Faithful to the EPs theme, Attack Of The Killer B-Sides elegantly spells out a list of famous B-side tracks form pop music's rich history, which in their time outweighed the notoriety of the A-sides they were coming along with.

Listen below and get the rest of the EP through The Bordellos' Bandcamp for free or name-your-price download.


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