Sahg: Black Unicorn // Video

Since their ten-year old debut, Sahg I, Norway's Sahg have been one of the most impressive renditions of the quite overused Sabbath-esque/doom/stoner part of the metal world. With their members being involved into other, aesthetically different bands in the Norwegian metal scene, like Gorgoroth and Audrey Horne, and after four full length albums, Sahg seem to have taken in the experience and have been using it in their favour, to create a well-produced, mature, heavy rocking album, Memento Mori which comes out September 23rd on Indie Recordings.

Coming three years after Delusions Of Grandeur, the new album features a significant lineup change for the band, since two out of four members, Thomas Lønnheim and founding member Thomas Tofthagen have been replaced by guitarist Ole Walaunet (Grimfist) and drummer Mads Lilletvedt (Solstorm, Byfrost), both coming from the more extreme end metal.

Black Unicorn, one of the album's standout tracks, is the first single off Memento Mori and it comes with a great looking video, directed by Benjamin Langeland, which takes place in a sort of a medieval horror universe, aptly showcasing Sahg's tendencies towards the darkness and the album's overall theme, death, heavily influenced by the band's grieving process after the recent losses of rock icons such as Lemmy and Bowie.


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