Lustmord: Dark Matter

Dark ambient mastemind and experimental music veteran, Lustmord, will release his new album, Dark Matter on September 30th on Touch.

Dark Matter is not your average dark ambient record. The album is based on an idea courted by the artist for a very long time and it comprised by material collected between 1993 to 2003 from an audio library of cosmological activity including NASA (Cape Canaveral, Ames, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Arecibo), The Very Large Array, The National Radio Astronomy Observatory and various educational institutions and private contributors throughout the USA.

Among much more interesting thoughts about the album, Lustmord writes: "Approximately sixty-eight percent of the Universe is unseen dark energy and approximately twenty-seven percent is unseen dark matter. We have yet to discover what dark matter is, and only know the things it is not. Although it has not been directly observed, its existence and properties are inferred from its effects on visible matter, its influence on the Universe's large-scale structure, and its effects in the cosmic microwave background.
The universe began of darkness, not of light.

In its very essence, Dark Matter is a triumph, not only because it is one more wonderfully crafted piece of work in the long catalog of one of the genre's finest artists, but also for the fact that it offers the listener a chance to peek at the vastness of the great unknown universe and that it can work as a reminder about how overwhelmingly imposing it can be and how differently we experience it in our own little world compared to what we would see if we could step a little further out there.


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