Wrekmeister Harmonies: Some Were Saved Some Drowned

As the date to unveil the band's fifth release, simply titled Light Falls, approaches fast, Wrekmeister Harmonies have shared a hair-raising track and one of the album's highlights, the astonishing Some Were Saved Some Drowned as the first single.

Following the critically acclaimed Night Of Your Ascension which featured no less than thirty musicians, this time around Wrekmeister Harmonies took a completely new approach, with a significantly smaller line up and a more stripped down sound, which is still vibrant and extremely detailed. For Light Falls Wrekmesiter Harmonies are comprised of its core members, JR Robinson (vocals, guitar) and Esther Shaw (keyboards, piano, violin, vocals), as well as three members from post rock veterans, Godspeed You! Black Empreror, musicians Thierry Amar (bass and contrabass) Sophie Trudeau (piano, violin and vocals) and Timothy Herzog (drums). The album also features guest appearances from Chicago musicians Ryley Walker and Cooper Crain.

Marvel at the album's powerful first single right below and check out our recent interview with JR Robinson.

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