Repeated Viewing: Frozen Existence

Regarding that wondrous place where horror themes meet awesome electronica, usual suspect Alan Sinclair AKA Repeated Viewing strikes again, this time with a well crafted score for a fictional Italian horror flick.

Frozen Existence was initially recorded in 2011 but stayed shelved until now that it has found a proper home in Lunaris Records, about to be released on two vinyl editions (black and clear with black swirl).

Following the releases of Art Imitates and Street Force earlier in 2016, Repeated Viewing's unstoppable scoring force continues to impress by taking his influences to the next level and rapidly building a notable body of work that nods to the past and shows the artist's obvious skills and potential. So far in 2016 Repeated Viewing is already three for three and counting - when it rains, it pours...

Recently the album was also issued on a limited run on tape by Scottish label AWWN (At War With Noise), an edition also worth checking out.



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