No Nets: Dark Matter

Brooklyn based quartet, No Nets, are about to follow their 2014 debut, Affable & Ready for Small Talk, with a new album titled Bright Light which will be available on October 21st.

The band combines a more mature kind of angst-y classic punk with highly energetic emo, an amalgam most likely to appeal to adults and settled down punks, as regardless of the sound itself No Nets tend to explore more "grown-up" topics like marriage, creativity under working nine to five jobs and real estate goals...

Like Sal Mastrocola, the band's frontman puts it, "As we grow up I think it’s expected that we should slow down. And in a lot of ways, you have to. But when it comes to music – I still want to capture lightning in a bottle", describing Bright Light's subject matters and feel with accuracy.

Dark Matter is the first single off Bright Light. Listen below...

Keep an eye out for No Nets' contribution to next year's Covering Elliott, an Elliott Smith tribute compilation on which they'll be covering I Better Be Quiet Now.

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