Hesitation Wounds: Awake for Everything

As the world awaits for the new Touché Amoré album to be released in September, let's take a better look at the debut album of one of their affiliate bands, which was released earlier this year.

Hesitation Wounds formed in 2012, released a well received EP on Secret Voice a year later and went away for a long while due to the band's member's obligations with their primary projects. The epitome of the term "supergroup", Hesitation Wounds consists of Touché Amoré's Jeremy Bolm, The Hope Conspiracy's Neeraj Kane, True Cross' (and formerly of Trap Them) Stephen LaCour and Slipknot's (and formerly of Against Me! and Madball) Jay Weinberg, who follows the steps of his father, Max, behind the drum kit.

Mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou and released by 6131 Records, Awake for Everything, the band's debut album is less than half an hour long and like its three-year old predecessor was written and recorded in very little time, however it doesn't sound rushed nor sloppy. On the contrary the album sounds well-thought out, sincere and as expected very aggressive. Packed with deranged riffs, vigorous beats and soul ripping vocals, which can't help but draw comparisons to Touché Amoré, Awake for Everything feels like the organic result of the get together of four people who understand hardcore and stick at nothing.

Multifaceted, rough and really assertive, Hesitation Wounds' debut is a dynamic record that nods back to nineties hardcore and will most likely appeal to the more mature part of the genre's fanbase. Supergroups haven't made it easy for the fans to trust them lately, but for this particular release, one shouldn't be skeptical, not at all.

Out now on 6131 Records

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