Repeated Viewing: Art Imitates

Scottish composer Alan Sinclair, better known as Repeated Viewing, strikes for the second time this year with another killer score partly made up of the soundtrack for a sci-fi short titled Art Imitates, enhanced with extra tracks recorded at the same time and along the same vein as the film's score.

Not long after he impressed us fans of horror, giallos and eighties action films with Street Force, this time Repeated Viewing bases his setting on a completely different foundation, that of ambient and much dreamier lo-fi electronics, recorded "after dark" and aptly suggested for "late night listening", as mentioned on the tape's liner notes and the label's Bandcamp respectively.

Art Imitates reveals a distinct aspect of Repeated Viewing's anyway moody and often distressing electronica, a minimalist one that breaks out as nothing but a pleasant surprise for those who have followed his earlier work. Going at such a pace, there will be no surprise at all if the man eventually becomes a leading figure in film composing, particularly regarding modern horror, sci-fi and possibly beyond.

Gorgeous cassette and digital via Spun Out Of Control

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