Helen Money: Become Zero

If you are among those who don't immediately recognize Helen Money from her own records, it's most likely that you've enjoyed her music on some other act she's been associated with. In the nineties she started out as part of the acoustic rock duo Jason & Alison, later renamed Verbow and released a couple of records on Epic. Born Alison Chesley, Helen Money is a brilliant cellist and composer who during the last twenty years has worked with many respected artist like Bob Mould, Mono, Broken Social Scene, Russian Circles, Anthrax, Jarboe and many more.

She began releasing solo records only in 2007 and September 16th marks the release of her fourth one, which will be out on Thrill Jockey. The new album is titled Become Zero, written after the death of both of her parents and featuring drummer Jason Roeder (Sleep, Neurosis), Rachel Grimes (Rachel’s) and collaborator and co-producer Will Thomas.

Listen to the first song to surface off the new album, the amazing title track that sets the tone of the album's overall lyricism quite beautifully.


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