50 Foot Wave: Bath White

Kristin Hersch has been a beloved figure in the alternative rock community for decades. Whether it's been through the classic Throwing Muses material, her solo efforts or her over a decade old band 50 Foot Wave, Kristin has managed to constantly stay relevant and always produce interesting material for her many fans.

Bath White, the latest release from 50 Foot Wave is their sixth EP since their first appearance in 2004 and it is produced by Godsmack producer Mudrock. Even though the band features two key members of the Throwing Muses, the differences between the two bands are distinguishing. The Muses' indie temper has given place to a more mature sound that according to Hersch includes "a lot of math in it".

50 Foot Wave haven't received the appreciation Throwing Muses had in the past. Maybe Bath White is going to be the starting point for that.

Vinyl through HHBTM Records

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