Prince - The Director... // RIP

Of course there was a time when Prince would take a shot at the highest form of artistry and direct a couple of films, both of which are rated below par on IMDb and have a rotten status on Rotten Tomatoes, still one has to see those films to get an all around view of the kind of artist Prince was. He was fearless.

Under The Cherry Moon, the first film he directed came in 1986, two years after Purple Rain and it's a weird gem starring Prince, Jerome Benton and Kristin Scott Thomas, which tells the story of two crooks from Miami who scam money off rich women, until one of them (Prince) falls in love with one of his potential victims...

In 1990 Prince hasn't given up on filmmaking, particularly after the success of the documentary Sign O' The Times which he also directed. His next film was Graffitti Bridge, written, produced, scored and directed by Prince as a sort of a sequel to Purple Rain, but the movie flopped pretty badly.

...but the man stood up again and tried one last time in 1994 with 3 Chains O' Gold, a direct-to-video film, which actually was a music video collection tied together with a loose plotline, including Kirstie Alley.

Prince Rogers Nelson was a larger than life artist, he's irreplaceable and he leaves a huge legacy behind. To honor his memory, we'll wear our colours in purple for a while. Say your goodbyes with this mindbending live performance of Purple Rain back from 1983. RIP pretty boy...


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