It Only Gets Worse: Christian Country Home

A while ago we've had the pleasure of posting an interview with It Only Gets Worse, the charismatic experimental duo, comprised of Matt Finney (Heinaly and Matt Finney, Secret Admirer) and Maurice (Gnaw Their Tongues). Since then the band has released their first full length, Christian Country Home, via Tartarus Records.

After enjoying their earlier releases, like Creation Myths and Buried Alive, and having been blown away by Secret Admirer, I went into Christian Country Home with great expectations. Fortunately I wasn't disappointed. Taking into account that even the cover art reminded me of something I'm very fond of, Brian Eno's seventies records, I knew in advance that Christian Country Home would be an exciting ride.

Clocking at less than half an hour, the album is simple yet rich, both in sound and in feeling. Experimenting with the amalgamation of different genres and moods, the duo blends to perfection dark ambiance with industrial grooves and trip-hop beats, wrapped up in a sort of a contemporary horror score atmosphere and finished with cold and bleak as death spoken word, chillingly delivered by Matt's poetic whispers. Christian Country Home has its moments of sentimental sweetness, for most of its time though it is disturbing and tense in its own, one of a kind way. Immerse yourself in it and it's guaranteed to crush you soul and pin your heart down to the ground, and if there's a downside to it, it's only because it leaves you wanting more; but you can always put it on repeat.

Stream the album in its entirety right below...

Get it on glorious cassette via Tartarus Records

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