Lush: Out Of Control

Most of the times reunions suck. Bands usually do them for attention and, of course, for an opportunity to make some more money off their glory days gone by and in most cases reunions disappoint.]

Regarding the shoegaze movement at this point it feels like every one of its great acts has or eventually will return, either with new material or just to tour. Strangely enough none of those comebacks sounded stale or passed off as farfetched, on the contrary every shoegaze act that returned left behind a good record or showed their audiences a great time.

There's nothing much different to be said about the case of Lush. They have replaced the late Chris Acland with Elastica's Justin Welch and they're about to perform their first shows in two decades, having just released Blind Spot, their new EP, first one since 1996, while working on more new material.

A freshly produced video for the song Out Of Control, directed by Martin Anderson, will give you a glimpse of the new Lush. It won't take much to convince you that this band's return is more than welcome.


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