Death Index: Death Index

Comprised of Carson Cox (Merchandise, Neon Blud, Church Whip) and Marco Rapisarda (La Piovra, Sgurd, Archaic), Death Index are about to release their self titled debut album on February 26th via Deathwish Inc.

The record which was conceived and recorded between Berlin, Tampa Bay, and Palermo, Death Index sounds like post punk's strongest card for the start of 2016, bringing to mind the ferocity of The Birthday Party, the aggressive despair of The Sound, the offbeat idiosyncrasy of Suicide and a whole lot of underground darkness, especially from the eighties and the nineties. Punk at heart, the album is brief and the song structures are simple, attention-grabbing and straight to the point, like goths were doing it in the old days.

If you were craving an effective dark punk record to score your gloomiest days with, Death Index is it.

The band has shared two tracks off the album so far, one of which even a great looking video. Watch and listen below...


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