Sarke: Bogefod

The band that started in 2008 as a solo project for Sarke (Khold, Old Man's Child), continued to enlist Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto and now on their fourth album is basically a supergroup that, except from the aforemntioned two, also includes Steinar Gundersen (Satyricon) and Anders Hunstad (El Caco). Sarke's fourth is titled Bogefod  and it's scheduled for release on March 11th via Indie Recordings.

Unfortunately there's nothing to stream yet, but the album is guaranteed to make your face melt, like on its charming cover image, with obvious inspirations from the Norwegian black metal scene, as well as doom and thrash, drawing influences from such iconic bands as Darkthrone (of course), Mayhem, Celtic Frost, Kreator, even Black Sabbath.

Bogefod tells the thousand year old viking folk story of Torolv Bogefod from the Norse classic Eyrbyggja saga, who rises from his tomb and wanders around to terrorize villagers and cause misery and death, therefore it's a very ambitious concept album, already planned to be part of a movie called Saga, with Nocturno Culto on a leading role.


1. Taken
2. Blood of Men
3. Barrow of Torolv
4. Alternation
5. The Wickeds Transient Sleep
6. Burn
7. Dawning
8. Evil Heir
9. Sunken 

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