Late Night Motörhead

We love Motörhead and we love late night TV, so just minutes away before the Memorial Service and Celebration of Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister begins its broadcast, we'd like to remind you the few, yet poignant appearances Motörhead did, when they stopped by some late night talk shows in the past.

Playlist includes:

Let It Rock
27.6.1991, Live on The Late Show With David Letterman

Lemmy and Phil Campbell with the help of Paul Shaffer and The Late Show Band perform an amazing, very energetic cover of Chuck Berry's Let It Rock. Notice how Lemmy gives Letterman a weird look as he was getting on stage, possibly because the host incorrectly announced their then latest album as "Motorhead" instead of 1916.

Hellraiser / Going To Brazil
12.10.1992, Live on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Not only Motörhead destroyed the Tonight Show twice on the same night, but between the two songs, Leno dared to sit Lemmy in the interview couch for a nice chit chat. Too bad the second performance was cut short because the program ran out of time.

Iron Fist
9.10.2009, Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Many years later, during the promotional appearances for the album Motörizer, Motörhead played on Kimmel, choosing one of their classic tracks to perform.

Get Back In Line
26.1.2011, Live On Conan

Fresh on the TBS network and still rocking the beard, Conan possibly wanted to let everybody know that he was finally free to do whatever the hell he wanted; so, having Motörhead as the musical guest on his show was a great way to do it. Coinciding with the Lemmy documentary, the band had just put out The World Is Yours and performed Get Back In Line off it, to much excitement from the host.

There's also an amazing performance of Ace Of Spades on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon from sometime in 2011, but unfortunately there's no video available at the moment this post is written.

If you'd rather watch the Memorial, go ahead...

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