Conan: Revengeance

British stoner/sludge metal titans, Conan, have just released their fourth full length, Revengeance, on Napalm Records.

Revengeance is a savage monster, therefore exactly what you would expect from Conan at this point, picking up from where their previous beast, Blood Eagle from 2014, left off. From the opening blast full of heavy riffs and incredibly tight, thick production, Conan's latest feels like a triumph. From its artwork aesthetics to its great title, to the actual brutality of Conan's sound, one can't help but bring to mind the early High On Fire and that whole scene of sludge/doom stoner bands that shined in the mid-2000s. It is perfectly clear that Conan are getting better with each release and Revengeance is their most accomplished work so far; slow, monolithic, unbearably heavy and executed to perfection.

The record's brutality in all its bareness will definitely please hopefully not only the initiated. If so far the words "caveman battle doom" didn't make much sense when quoted together like this, give Revengeance a listen and think again.

Hail Conan

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