VHS Glitch: Land With No Future

VHS Glitch is once again bound to save the world from the malevolent plans of Neotech Corporation and their evil technology that they created in order to take control of the population's minds.

A sequel to last year's Evil Technology, Land With No Future continues the narration of an epic story about survival in a post-apocalyptic world, designed and scored by the mind of VHS Glitch and heavily influenced by some of the genre's best, like John Carpenter, Goblin, Vangelis, Jean Michele Jarre, and Hans Zimmer.

VHS Glitch's cinematic approach, like in Evil Technology, again works perfectly, creating a vivid dystopian world where man battles against technology to preserve his freedom. Like wandering though the wasteland, all muddy and dehydrated, scavenging for spare parts for whatever it is you're trying to build, Land With No Future feels real and intense and presents its narrative maybe even better than if it were a movie, sharply unfolding before your eyes from the moment you hit play.

 Like on all his releases the artwork and poster are also created by VHS Glitch.

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