Radiohead: Spectre

We've heard the rumors earlier in 2015 that Radiohead might have been the ones behind the title song of the new James Bond film, Spectre. Today Thom Yorke tweeted about how those rumors were actually true and even shared the track for the whole world to listen.

"You were? I knew it!", said everyone...

"It didn't? How so?"

Now picture the suits behind Eon Productions being given this track for the first time to listen to.

"Yeah... We'd better call Sam Smith," said all of them unanimously...

"You thought well - and also with you," said we.

Radiohead's Spectre turns out it is a low key song, that brings to mind the most quiet moments of the band's latest records, especially In Rainbows and Amnesiac and it would have made a brilliant Bond opener, but the producers of the movie decided to go with Smith's more digestible and radio friendly track. After all they know better, right?

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