Lemmy Kilmister RIP

Rock 'n' roll's all time baddest badass, has died just four days after his 70th birthday, "at home, sitting in front of his favorite video game from the Rainbow which had recently made it’s way down the street, with his family," as Motörhead wrote on Facebook earlier.

Lemmy had a number of health problems troubling him recently, with the addition of a very aggressive type of cancer he became aware about only a few days ago. Though the cancellation of Motörhead shows have been frequently making the news lately, Lemmy never retired and went away as a fighter. Bad Magic, Motörhead's latest album, was released a few months ago, in August 2015.

Lemmy's tenure in Hawkwind that lead to the formation of Motörhead in the late seventies and the rest of his story after that are more or less well known, but Lemmy started his adventures as a musician way earlier, in 1965 when he joined the band The Rockin' Vikers, then the incredible Sam Gopal with whom he recorded the album Escalator and the single Horse / Back Door Man, and later Opal Butterfly, that also featured his future bandmate in Hawkwind, Simon King.

The devastating news of Lemmy's passing come only a month after Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor's death, meaning that two thirds of Motörhead's notorious 1975-1982 line up are now gone.

Motörhead post coming in a while. Until then dig out some vinyl and play Motörhead loud... RIP.

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