ISIS: Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam // July 11th 2005 // Full Set


Nowadays the word "Isis" brings to mind something totally different, but in recent years the Egyptian goddess has inspired with her name several aspects of modern society, from science to charity institutions, places all over the world, hurricanes, navy ships and so much more.

There have been fictional comic characters named Isis in both DC and Marvel Comics, an American TV series in the 70s was called The Secrets Of Isis, there's a Bob Dylan song, an opera by Jean-Baptiste Lully and of course there was Isis, the post-metal band led by Aaron Turner.

ISIS were active from 1997 to 2010 and released five albums and several EPs, singles, split and collab records as well as live releases. They broke up at the peak of their popularity, having left behind a much influential body of work, defining for the post-metal genre and heavy music in general.

The concert that follows takes place at the Paradiso in Amsterdam in 2005, after having released Panopticon, an outstanding record that's built around the "governmental power over mind" theme, based on and named after Jeremy Bentham's concept for a prison system in which all prisoners could be surveilled by one guard in a central tower.

This is 80 minutes of ISIS at their best. Apart from Egyptian mythology, this should be the first thing that the word Isis brought to one's mind.

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